I just wanted to share a little something I wrote, playing with alliteration in a silly way.  Hoping to fill this blog with writings like this from time to time.  I call it PENELOPE, and I hope it brings a smile to your cheeks.


PENELOPE WAS PRETTY.  And perfect.  Peppy, proper, puzzling (but in a good way), pleasant, and all the really powerfully positive “p” words.  Even a bit precocious, at times.  But Hadley Fox didn’t know what precocious meant, not exactly, and even if he did have an understanding of the word and it’s specific relation to this particular princess, it wouldn’t have changed his opinion of his pretty Penelope.  Not one little bit.

Unfortunately, Penelope had very contrary feelings towards Hadley and all the words she used when referring to him began with the letter “h.”  Horrible Hadley was her favorite term of non-affection, the horrible sometimes substituted with hideous, half-pint, homely, and even haggard, which she thought was a particularly clever substitution, if you took into account the daily Viking comic strip on which the term was based.  And she did, most harshly.

So it was with great surprise to both of them, actually, when Hadley reached over Alissa MacGillicuddy at eleven o’ five a.m. on a bright and sunny Thursday morning, plum dab in the middle of Mrs. Kilpatrick’s “Art Time” and planted a juicy, wet kiss on the smacker of little Miss P.  The greater surprise, for both of them once again, came when Penelope did not resist the gesture and slap hardheaded Hadley’s face, but actually returned the kiss, indulging in her first true lip-to-lip lock, the second-grade equivalent of “making out,” albeit in front of an entire class of pre-pubescent pranksters, prudes and one Prozac pill-popping professor.

The real question remains, and tragically will never be answered, as to how long the kiss would have lasted had Hadley not fainted midway through a possibly endless kiss, falling into blissful unconsciousness, breaking the lip embrace and forever marring the experience with a decidedly terrible, troublesome and terrifically tarnished taste.